[Koha] No edge label - Is is realistic ?

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Wed Jul 11 08:56:36 NZST 2007


This is a very interesting approach. My take on it is that it sounds to
my public ears very similar to things attempted by academic libraries
for off site storage. Off site storage is very space efficient.

Before you embark, I would counsel you to stick by the old method for
popular and highly utilised books so that your Patrons would not be
frustrated, nor would your Staff. This would follow Ranganathan's law of
saving the time of the user. However, once books have run their course
as far as popularity is concerned, this might be a good thing to at
least experiment with.

I would counsel you to do a JSTOR search or maybe even better a Wilson
search through LITA or ALISE or something field journaly to get a
perspective on this apart from mine own.

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA 
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