[Koha] Re: Inventory & items.itemcallnumber

Joshua M. Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Wed Jul 11 00:04:09 NZST 2007

Hiya Matthew,

See below:

----- "Matthew Metzger" <news at metzger.cc> wrote:
> First, thanks Joshua for the script. It seemed to work perfectly.
Excellent, glad to hear it.

> I completed steps 1 and 3 from the directions you gave me. I am not sure 
> how to map items.itemcallnumber and Ryan said that he might commit a 
> plugin that would do just this, so I'd thought I'd wait on that.
You can map items.itemcallnumber to a items tag/subfield from either the
Links - Koha MARC DB section (easy) or the Bibliographic Framework section(hard)
of the Admin module. Note that the plugin is something you can add later
to the Bibliographic Framework, but you still have to set up the mapping
or the itemcallnumber field won't show up in your items add/edit screen.

> I had assumed that once items.itemcallnumber had values, that I'd be 
> able to get some type of result from the inventory.pl script. However, I 
> still got nothing. I am also not able to get a result from the "Not seen 
> since:" field. I thought that this would not depend at all on 
> items.itemcallnumber so it might work. As it stands, I'm not able to get 
> any result from any entry field using inventory.pl. Is this normal 
> behavior for 2.2.9?
It could very well be. There were quite a few updates that didn't make
it into the release. Try grabbing the latest inventory script/template
from CVS and replacing your current ones:



Let us know how it goes.


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