[Koha] Re: Inventory & items.itemcallnumber

Matthew Metzger news at metzger.cc
Sun Jul 8 08:30:59 NZST 2007

I suppose that an alternative solution would be to modify the 
inventory.pl script so that it depends on biblioitems.classification 
instead of items.itemcallnumber.

However, I'm guessing that this solution would be bad form as it 
modifies the program, which would then break every time Koha was upgraded.

your thoughts?


Matthew Metzger wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks to Joshua Ferraro and Ryan Higgins for helping me understand this 
>  problem more. See the thread "inventory.pl not working for me" for the 
> history of this discussion.
> My problem is that our librarian cannot currently do inventory because 
> we have not been entering in a value for items.itemcallnumber (which I 
> believe to be MARC 082b).
> Our call number is, however, recorded in the database field 
> biblioitems.classification. What seems to be the solution is for the 
> value of biblioitems.classification to be copied to, or synced with, the 
> value of items.itemcallnumber.
> I'm sure that if I knew SQL decently that I could invoke some command to 
> do just that. I don't know SQL. Could anyone give me a way to copy 
> biblioitems.classification to items.itemcallnumber?
> I'm assuming that this syncing of fields would solve my problem and that 
> then our librarian could begin working on inventory.
> Thanks in advance to any help you can give me in this area.
> -Matthew

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