[Koha] Re: Help!!

Matthew Metzger news at metzger.cc
Sun Jul 8 06:10:51 NZST 2007

I wouldn't mind at all. It is slightly outdated in that it refers to a 
2.2.5 Koha install, but I think that the exact same steps can be used to 
install the latest version. I recommend Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server because 
security updates will be available for years to come.


Joshua M. Ferraro wrote:
> ----- "Matthew Metzger" <news at metzger.cc> wrote:
>> Hello Mgabhi,
>> I have a guide that is fairly current. It gives detailed, step by step
>> instructions on how to install Koha on Ubuntu linux.
>> http://matthew.metzger.cc/wiki/index.php?title=Install_Koha_on_Ubuntu_6.06
>> I hope this helps,
> Matthew, this is great! Mind if we link to it from kohadocs.org?
> Cheers,

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