[Koha] Re: How are public libraries handling magazines

Darrell Ulm darrellulm at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 03:22:06 NZST 2007

John R. Clark <berek at ...> writes:

> Good morning,
> This is my first post although I've been a lurker for several months and am 
> running Koha as my circulation system (set up by Liblime). I played a bit 
> with the serials portion of the program, but wasn't able to get too far. I 
> am curious as to how libraries, particularly public ones are handling the 
> adding and circulation of magazines. In my old system, I was able to use a 
> generic barcode to check out issues of the same periodical (Newsweek, Time, 
> People, etc.) and simply used the issue date in checkout. I'd like to keep 
> the process as simple as possible since I'm a one pony outfit. Any and all 
> suggestions/experiences gratefully welcomd.
> Thank you.
> John R. Clark, M.ED, MLIS-Librarian, Hartland, Maine


It may be possible to do that. We actually barcode them (at Stow-Munroe) and it
does not take too much time for the cataloging, although we would like to use
the serials module, we hope to get to that later this year or early next year,
as serials looks much improved. If the circ module goes by Item-number and the
barcode is for a BIB match, then it should be possible.

-Darrell Ulm

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