[Koha] How to change HTML / TMPL path prefix?

Jack Bates ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Thu Jul 5 03:44:11 NZST 2007

How do I change the path prefix where Koha looks for HTML / TMPL?

We're implementing Koha at Simon Fraser University for three small
student operated libraries (about 4k holdings each). We host Koha at
http://some.host/koha/opac-html/opac-tmpl/... (not live yet) but the
Koha CGIs appear hard-coded to look for HTML / TMPL at

I dug around in the code a bit, searching for how to change the path
prefix to match our setup, but no luck so far. Can anyone on this list

Incidentally, we're also very interested in the Debian packaging
efforts. Are current versions of the debs available online anywhere?
What are the current obstacles to getting these packages in the official

Thanks! Jack
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