[Koha] forced to generate new barcode with EVERY item edit

Joshua M. Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Sat Jan 27 17:22:13 NZDT 2007

Hi Julka,

----- Julka Grodel <jgrodel at itasoftware.com> wrote:
> I've installed Koha 2.2.7 on a linux machine, and everything seems to
> be working well except for editing biblio items. When I edit the item
> level data, but the holding branch, for example, and click "Modify item" I
> get a message that I *must* enter a barcode. When I click on the field, it
> out generates a new one for me. I can't delete it and put in the old 
> one. I've double and tripple checked, and I have autoCarcode off (0).
> I also tried commenting out the part of 
> intranet/admin/cgi-bin/acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl that support 
> autoBarcode. Nothing has changed, even after restarting apache and 
> clearing my browsers cache.
> Anyone have any ideas? I'd love to have a barcode autogenerated for
> new items, but I'd be ok with entering it manually every time so long as
> the  barcode isn't forced to change whenever I edit item data.
So it sounds to me like your framework has the barcode field set
to mandatory. You can change it in the Biblio Framework section in
the tag/subfield that corresponds to the barcode field (unclick
'mandatory' for that subfield).

Hope that helps ... let us know if it doesn't.


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