[koha]addbiblio problems

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Fri Jan 26 21:23:08 NZDT 2007

sapto siswoyo a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I've just installed Koha227 on our seminary library. Everything run
> well until I tried to add biblio. When I click on "create empty
> biblio", it results "the page cannot be displayed" or remains "Marc
> Biblio Management" page with "done" remark below.
> I had browsed web archives. And I found no relevant archives
> discussing and resolving the problem.
> Anyone could help me, please? I am using WindowsXP, Apache2.0.59,
> MySQL4.0.26, Perl5.8.8.818.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance.
> Regards,
> Sapto Siswoyo
Would you mind sending logs so that we can see what problem it is ?
I would think about MARC::File::XML or some other perl module is missing.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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