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Chartrand, Michael MCHARTRAND at shsny.com
Thu Jan 25 10:06:20 NZDT 2007

Our Medical Library is setting up Koha to use as a catalog.  Our computer people are working on getting the z39.50 server section to run, but I keep having a problem with item call numbers.  We're using MARC21 and Library of Congress Call Numbers (no Dewey or NLM).  I got eveything working well enough to the point I was manually loading MARC records,  But in trying to fix the problem of no item call number appearing in the catalog, I created another one.  When doing a MARC check, I get an error message "The biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber fields must:
1. be mapped in a MARC subfield
2. be in the SAME tag (for expample 090$a and 090$b
3. be in tab -1 (ignore)
I'm using 852b for itemtypes and 952 for item information.  Since we don't have any personal informaiton on here yet, I could let someone who know's what he's doing take a look at it, though I'd rather figure it out by myself.  I'm sure I'll have a lot of other questions in the future.  Thanks in advance.  The users guide was only so much help.

Michael K Chartrand 
Library Technician 
Hunter-Rice Health Sciences Library 
Samaritan Medical Center 
Watertown, NY 13601 
Phone: 315-785-4191 
FAX 315-779-5173 
email: mchartrand at shsny.com 

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