[Koha] classification and MARC links

Jason Ronallo jronallo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 04:09:42 NZDT 2007

I'm trying to set up MARC links and MARC structure. Before making
changes to what the defaults are, I'm trying to see how those defaults
would meet our needs. We do not have a pre-existing database so have
some flexibility.

I will be using call numbers like the following on my spine labels.
Since we have a small collection, many times we will not be using any
numbers after the decimal or only a few in areas where our collection
is strongest, so we use the first 3 letters of the main entry at the
end of the call number (usually authors last name, sometimes title
main entry).


The defaults in Koha are:
biblioitems.classification   942j    Location (call number prefix code)

biblioitems.dewey   942k  Classification base (DDC to decimal or LCC
letter class padded after single lett

biblioitems.subclass   942l    Classification subclass (DDC after
decimal or LCC number after letters

items.itemcallnumber  952k  Call number (combined)

To test results I put the following in these fields in one record of a
Liblime demo record.
942j prefix
942k dewey
942l subclass
952k combined

Here are the results as they show in the catalog:

Why does "prefix" come after "dewey"?

One reason I'm looking at this is that, I'm trying to get the newer
barcode generator using Gaylord 8511 labels working for us using the
kind of call number we use. In this example if I check Dewey / Call
Number, Classification, Item Call Number, and Sub-Class here's the
result for the spine label:


Does anyone have a suggestion on how we should be entering our call
numbers into the system to have it look correct in both the OPAC and
on the spine labels? I just can't seem to riddle this out.


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