[Koha] Problem in running "bulkmarcimport.pl" script

Whelchel, David Lavern whelchel at wsu.edu
Thu Jan 18 10:55:00 NZDT 2007

Hi Rob,


I am experimenting with koha on windows as a personal project. I was
wondering if you had any resolution to the bulkmarcimport.pl problem. I
would be willing to be a tester for you if needed.


 I don't want to monopolize your time so I am still digging on several
other problems (z39.50 500 error, no remote access to intranet even with
the host file entries and how to implement LC Call numbers). 


I am running your most current configuration on windows 2003 server. 


I am also offering to provide complete step by step illustrated
documentation based on your docs and the other docs on the koha site for
a basic windows install if that would be wanted.


Thanks for your time



David L. Whelchel                                               email:
whelchel at wsu.edu <mailto:whelchel at wsu.edu> 
Information Technology                         Phone/Voice Mail (509)
Computer and Network Security                                  Fax:
(509) 335-0540
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington 99164-1222 



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