[Koha] Follet to Koha conversion

Joshua M. Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Thu Jan 18 09:50:32 NZDT 2007

Hi Christopher,

----- Christopher L Middleman <cmiddleman at stcames.com> wrote:
> I am planning on moving our library from Follett over to Koha this 
> summer.  Follett stores the records as marc21/852.  I can output
> them to a Microlif file, I am not sure if this matters.  Can I
> read the database with a tool and directly convert it?  Do I need
> to output it to a special file to then upload it with a special tool?
First off, welcome to the community. Koha can import MARC21 records
directly and if your holdings are in the 852 field you can modify your
MARC frameworks accordingly. There are details in in the 
'Migrating Data' section of the Koha Documentation Project:


The process can be fairly complicated to the uninitiated, if you
are feeling up a creek without a paddle feel free to shout out
on the list for help; there are also several companies that would
be happy to help out with the migration process. They provide
services such as hosting, installation and configuration, data
migration and verification, staff training, and customization: 


Best of luck.


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