[Koha] getting mysql...admin.exe to be found by the koha install

Koha Lover koha_lover at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 00:46:07 NZDT 2007

We have downloaded the following:







We ran through the install (not installing the Perl5.8
package and installing Koha2.2.7 in preference to Koha
2.2.6), putting the files in the proper directories as
far as we know.

At the end of the install Koha gave a message that it
could not find Mysql...admin.exe.  Moreover, although
the Apache icon (not a feather) was in the systray, we
did not have the mysql icon in the systray at all.

Please note that the www.koha.org page recommends an
earlier version of Mysql (4.0.something), but we could
not find this at the mysql site given.  The closest we
could find was mysql 4.1.22, avoiding as recommended
mysql 5.  Upon installation of mysql, we encountered
screens that are not anticipated in the installation
notes, particularly as concerns the configuration. 
There are three options, no configuration, typical
configuration and full configuration.  On the install
we are describing we did the typical configuration. 
However, as pointed out above we didn't have any
success with getting koha to work since it couldn't
find mysql...admin.exe.  We did execute 'mysql' under
run, and we did get something, but we clearly are
ignorant how to set up mysql to work with koha.

In other respects the Koha install runs to completion.

We tried a second installation telling mysql not to
configure, running the separate Perl koha modules
package and again installing Koha, but we got the same
problem with mysql...admin.exe.

Can someone coach us what to do?

Koha Lover

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