[Koha] Re: Re: questions from prospective Koha user

alan alan at crabbnet.com
Fri Dec 7 14:05:56 NZDT 2007

> RM>  4. Does Koha have any quick way to enter records, either for
> RM> books or music scores - for example, I've heard of systems which
> RM> allow one to enter only the ISBN #, and all the info gets entered
> RM> automatically. Our music scores for the most part do not have
> RM> ISBNs, but perhaps there is a similar system for them?
> you can search books by ISBN with Z3950 search option.
> for example we create new search option for search in NUKAT and KARO
> (usable for polish
> libraries) by ISBN or title:)
I think what Robin is looking for is something like Alliance Plus from
Follett, where you can search for a title and pull MARC records from
somewhere else.  I'm new to Koha (still haven't quite got it running), but
I wouldn't think it would offer anything like that.  I believe Follett
charges for the use of Alliance Plus, I do wonder if you could subscribe to
something like Alliance Plus and use it with Koha.


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