[Koha] Barcode generation

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Thu Aug 30 04:48:32 NZST 2007


>What I wish we could do on Koha is use the ISBN barcodes on our books 
>as the identifier. That would simplify everything, excepting the 
>multiple copies and those books that lack barcodes entirely. 
>Paul Scaer 
>Science Leadership Academy 

Koha absolutely could do this. You'd just need to turn the auto generate
barcode feature off then scan in the ISBN barcode when you get to the
items screen in Add Biblio cataloguing. For multiple copies, you could
always use an existing barcode you have on hand OR put an additional
digit for the copy number after the ISBN barcode by hand. Depending on
how many you had that lacked barcodes entirely, you could purchase
vendor barcodes or generate a few thousand using either a separate
utility or the built in generator prior to turning that feature off.
Does this make any sense to you?

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA 
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