[Koha] importing pictures

Noel Goodman goldenchild_gt at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 09:50:48 NZST 2007


Does the picture upload feature work on koha 2.2.8 for windows?

I was trying to use the picture upload option for koha found in parameters.
The zip file contains the images and the datalink.txt file.
The file has data:
1    Nicole.jpg
2    John.jpg
3    Amy.jpg

-Is this the correct way to write the info in the file.

I tried zipping a folder containing the datalink file and images as well as zipping the images and datalink file just as is.  Both failed to work.

When I click unpack button I keep getting a server error.
-Would the picture-upload.pl script have anything to do with it?


Noel Goodman - university of Guyana

Image by FlamingText.com
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