[Koha] Self Checkout

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
Wed Aug 15 21:00:30 NZST 2007


A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion about a self checkout  
module that went something along the lines of "there was one, but it  
doesn't work, there's a workaround but anyone can borrow to anyone...  

Has anyone written their own or updated the old module to work with  
the 2.2.x codebase since then, or prior to then but missed the email?

If you have one and are willing to share please let me know. Failing  
that, I think I'll be engineering one in the coming weeks, so if  
anyone has any great ideas on how this should work really well then  
it would be great to know. I'm foreseeing something that is  
ultimately pretty simple:

* Patron scans card and optionally enters password
* Patron scans books
* Patron says they're done
* Machine prints receipt with books and due dates on it
* Patron leaves library, books under arm happy that they will be  
reading for months to come.

Of course there are some what-ifs, e.g. non-returned loans, over book  
count that need to be dealt with in the most lovely way for a user,  
but that's just semantics :-)


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