[Koha] Re: MARC links

Jorge de Cardenas jorgedec at neo.rr.com
Sun Aug 12 08:28:36 NZST 2007

Grant Johnson <FGJohnson at ...> writes:

> What are the defaults for:
>    biblio/biblionumber
>       and
>    biblioitems/biblioitemnumber
>    biblioitems/biblionumber
> I have changed values to  050 and 090 and am unable to run 
misc/rebuildnonmarc.pl and am stupid!!!!!
> I can't remember what it was initially.
> Back to default and rebuild would be fine!
> Thanks in advance.

I just installed Koha 2.2.9 and have not touched the MARC links yet.
Here is what I have:
090 c Koha biblionumber

090 d Koha biblionumber


Hope that helps ... although my install is not entirely working, I'm having
similar issues where if I try to add a record, it pops up to open addbiblio.pl.


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