[Koha] 4th Annual Software Freedom Day : September 15th.

Irma irma at bigpond.net.au
Tue Aug 7 08:01:38 NZST 2007

Hi all,


Open source advocates and enthusiasts from around the world will take the
message of free and open source software to the streets on September 15 for
the fourth annual Software Freedom Day (SFD).

"SFD is centered on a particular day each year in order to heighten the
sense of unity that SFD teams around the world experience - we're all in
this together, working simultaneously in scores of countries toward a common
goal. Many proponents of Software Freedom have been holding publicly
educational events for years; it is our hope that by concentrating such
efforts on a single day each year we can achieve a worldwide awareness that
remains elusive when our efforts are chronologically dispersed." (Taken from
the SFD website)

Is anyone thinking of participating and representing the Koha project and
giving Koha demos???
Is there a local team you could join or would you think of starting one?

Would anyone be willing to share their artistic talents and produce the
design for a flyer/brochure for us all to use (each prints their own copies)
and to give away on this day?

Many thanks,


Irma Birchall
Calyx information essentials
Virtual librarianship and Koha hosting and support
Sydney - Australia
irma at calyx.net.au


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