[Koha] perl module problems on Mac OS X Server 10.4

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Nov 2 03:58:22 NZDT 2006

I've been having terrible problems installing the perl module  
XML::Simple, which is required by Koha, on Mac OS X Server 10.4. Can  
anyone offer any suggestions?

The error message I get is the following:

Fatal Error: Your default XML Parser (XML::SAX::PurePerl) is broken.
One way to avoid the problem is to install XML::SAX::Expat -- it will  
install itself as the system default XML parser and then you will be  
able to install XML::Simple successfully.

I have installed XML::SAX::Expat but continue to get the error  
message. I do not know how to check whether XML::SAX::Expat is the  
default parser. I have been unable to find a discussion of this  
problem on the web.




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