[Koha] Re: spine labels

Cindy Murdock cmurdock at ccfls.org
Thu Oct 19 06:12:34 NZDT 2006

Perhaps it's a permissions problem?  It looks like that script writes 
the 'new.pdf' file temporarily to the barcodes folder.  Does the www 
user have permission to write to it?


Cindy Murdock
Network Administrator
CCFLS/Meadville Public Library

Jason Ronallo wrote:
> Follow up to my problems with spine labels. If I run
> label-print-pdf.pl from the command line new.pdf is created in
> /intranet-tmpl/barcodes and I can open it with my favorite pdf viewer.
> Now any ideas how I can get this to work without going to the command
> line?
> --Jason
> On 10/17/06, Jason Ronallo <jronallo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm using Koha out of cvs from today.  First problem I had printing
>> spine labels was that I couldn't find the option in the template I was
>> using. It seems only the npl template lets you know of the presence of
>> the new spine and barcode label generator.
>>  I then discovered I needed to create the labels tables.
>> http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2006/010278.html
>> Now I'm able to go through the two steps Label Options and Add Labels
>> just fine.  But once I try to Generate Labels I get a 500 error ("GET
>> /cgi-bin/koha/barcodes/label-print-pdf.pl HTTP/1.1" 500).  The file
>> label-print-pdf.pl is there in the barcodes folder.  I have no error
>> in the error logs.
>> I'm at a loss on how to pursue this further on my own.  Usually I've
>> been lead by the error messages to the solution.  Is there a master
>> list of perl modules for the most recent version so I can check and
>> make sure I'm not missing anything?  Anything else I could check?
>> Thanks for any leads.
>> --Jason
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