[Koha] Simple MARC reference information

the undead the_real_undead at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 23 00:57:51 NZST 2006

here is a link to our opac with koha1.2.3 without marc

and here is a link to our opac with koha2.2.5 with marc

but please note that we did some modifications in the to fit our library

when u megrate a non-marc koha system to a marc koha system, during the 
install process you chosse (n) when it tells you about marc, and after 
instalation you will build your marc structure from thee begining and you 
link the the non-marc old koha fields to the new one

offcourse you will miss some information if u use non-marc koha, but it's 
still a good library system

see the links above and compare for your self, but note that both systems 
are 100% different, because2.2.5 have many many new features.

i was not here when they use 1.2.3 but, while iam here we installed our 
koha2.2.5 and did it all from the beginig, we will not use the old data 
because any way we will have to re-edit every record, so why won't us start 
rebuild our system with a brand new bibligraphic discribtion plus we have 
our z3950 working great.

>From: Kevin O'Rourke <lists at caboose.org.uk>
>To: the undead <the_real_undead at hotmail.com>
>CC: koha at lists.katipo.co.nz
>Subject: Re: [Koha] Simple MARC reference information
>Thanks for the links, I'd had a look at the LOC tutorials but I really
>don't have time to sit and read through so much information to extract
>the few things that are relevant to us.
> > I want you also to note that koha marc forms has the explain of name
> > record before it, so it's easy to use it,
>I'm not sure easy is how I'd describe it.  I think the explanations only
>make sense if you already understand MARC.  There's also no online help
>for those forms.
> > but always put in your mind if you don't need marc you can use koha
> > with a non-marc format.
>I'm assuming that switching between MARC and non-MARC Koha will require
>a reinstall?
>Without MARC what information does Koha store about each book?
>Has anyone out there started using Koha without MARC and then deeply
>regretted it later?  How difficult would it be to migrate at a later date?
>Kevin O'Rourke
>ICT Coordinator, National Teachers' Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria
>062 316972

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