[Koha] Install problem - SQL errors...

Tomasz Holdowanski mordazy at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Jul 31 23:13:50 NZST 2006

At 09:43 2006-07-25, you wrote:

>For a start is there a reason you choose to install 2.2.4 not 2.2.5 (thats
>the latest stable release).
>You can get it from savannah at
>(Its linked to on the http://www.koha.org site)

Thanks, but for now I have to hold on the 2.2.4 release. The Polish 
localization files are for 2.2.4... I don`t know if it would make any 
difference, but the 2.2.4 has been recommended to me.

>Now as to your error, its to do with the fact that there are some more
>reserved words in MySQL 5 than there were in versions 4 and 3.
>One of the words in one of the tables is one of the new reserved words.

Thanks a lot!  Haven`t tried the solution because just copied whole 
db structure from a working Polish Koha. Still, good to know the 
cause of the error.


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