[Koha] My Local Koha Installation and Demo installation On http://koha.liblime.com

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Thu Jun 29 21:45:00 NZST 2006

lalitanand dandge a écrit :
> Hi,
> I installed Koha on my linux system successfully,
> while studying the demo ( on http://koha.liblime.com) and my local
> installation i found that in catalogue while adding the empty biblio
> there are many more and additional fields in the Demo while lesser in
> my local installation.
> I also checked the version both are same (i installed koha2.2.5 and
> the about of demo also saying same).
> So this make me little confused, since i am new to the koha and also i
> am form the open source development and not
> have library management experience as such.
> So please anybody having any inforamtion regarding this kindly help.
> Also i searched for the properly documented (rather easy step-by-step)
> manuals  for how to use  and administer koha, 
> but I am sorry i could not get that useful for me, so please also help
> in this regard.
> Thank you,
> Lalitanand.
> Project Engineer.
> -- 
> "Talk is cheap. Show me the code. Think Open, use Open Source!"
> Visit & Register at http://www.ossrc.org.in <http://www.ossrc.org.in>
It surely is a parameter problem in your Biblio framework.
Would you mind telling us step by step what you want to achieve in terms
of search and links capabilities ?
You could also find someone skilled on Indian Koha Interest Group.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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