[Koha] load all the registries of once in the active base

Hemeroteca hemeroteca at seminariopontificio.cl
Fri Jun 23 06:59:29 NZST 2006

Hello Colleagues, I need aid for the next:   I have exported from isismarc
5100 records; in format marc21 (being a file *.mrc), soon using the tool of
import incorporated in koha I have processed these and have been mattered to
the deposit of koha.  but it is that they are not loaded automatically in
the active base of koha, I must be adding manually each registry, one by one
through the cataloguing screen. My question is: Exists some tool or
functionality that allows me to load all the registries of once in the
active base?


A greeting to all,   


Jose Negrete Lopez  


Library of the Seminario Pontificio Mayor

Santiago, Chile  

Phono: 56-02-4883800

hemeroteca at seminariopontificio.cl


www.seminariopontificio.cl <http://www.seminariopontificio.cl/> 


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