[Koha] Biblio frameworks for non-book items

Casey Mirch cmirch at leadps.org
Sat May 20 06:51:47 NZST 2006

We are working on implementing Koha as a library and inventory system
for our small network of high schools.  I'm curious to see examples of
biblio frameworks that anyone else uses for items that are not books.
We would really like to stretch the envelope a bit here and enter items
like computers, monitors, printers, network equipment, audio/visual
equipment, and even furniture.
If you catalog items like these, how have you set up your biblio
frameworks for them?
(Or are biblio frameworks not the right place to focus my attention?)  
Are there any general resources concerning what MARC fields to use for
unusual sorts of holdings like these?
Am I likely to find any such items cataloged in Z39.50 databases?  (I
have assumed not, because they don't have an ISBN.)
Thanks to all inclined to help!

Casey Mirch
Technology Manager
Leadership Public Schools 


http://www.leadps.org <http://www.leadps.org/> 

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