[Koha] Apache default page

Lawrence Bean lbean at u47.k12.me.us
Fri May 12 07:10:17 NZST 2006

Hello folks. I'm brand new, and just successfully finished setting up KoHa
on a Macintosh running 10.4 Tiger. When at the koha computer, I open a web
page and type
and up pops the opac main page just like it should.

However, accessing from a remote machine with
brings up the Apache default page.

To test locally, I went to the koha machine and double-checked the IP
address, which is correctly, then tried
right at the koha machine, and up came the Apache default page.

Switching to the loopback IP, though,
brings up KoHa.

I even tried:
at the koha machine and got the "Not Found" response.

So, it seems there is a setting in Apache that I missed. Any help, or
pointing me in the right direction to help myself, would be greatly

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