[Koha] Choice of deployment servers

Mohamed Imran K R mohamedimran.kr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 15:50:22 NZST 2006

hi all,
          we have had a good time testing out koha and we are in the final
stages of getting over it. our librarian has given me great reviews about it
and we are going to plunge into implementation in a few days from now. we
have in fact started the bibliography process.

         we are an engineering college with over 1500 members.( u know lots
of circulations). and the amount of new books that comes in is also
increasing. my question is what type of hardware is sufficient to run such a

        I am presently using FC3.( mysql 3  series) will it be a problem if
i migrate to FC5? what do you recommend?

Mohamed Imran K R
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