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Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Tue Feb 28 08:12:48 NZDT 2006

Marie Wardall wrote:
> Yes storing barcodes in a scanner and then dumping them into the circ station is what I mean.  We close down the library for two plus days and scan everything in the library for inventory.  We run reports against the shelves for missing items that have not been scanned and we can tell then what items were mysteriously lost that year.
> Marie

Hi Marie

Luckily for you, Koha has got just the thing, thanks to Tümer Garip
Heres some of a an email that Paul forwarded to the development list 
last week.

 > Hi again,
 > Here is another script which you may find useful.
 > It simply reads barcodes and marks the items as seen for stock control.
 > We have wireless network, so the librarian goes around with a wireless
 > notebook shelfreeding the barcodes which automatically updates the
 > database items.datelastseen.
 > For off-line use it can read a textfile of barcodes (read through a
 > handheld barcode reader) and update them all at once.
 > You may use or improve it as you like.
 > Regards,
 > Tümer Garip
 > NEU Grand Library

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