[Koha] Importing biblio fields from CSV

Marty Jongepier bluejaydesign at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 16 14:39:07 NZDT 2006

Hi all, 
I am trying to import biblio items (biblionumber, author and title is all I
have) into Koha. It is in .dbf format and I can play around with it in Excel
and change it into a CSV format.
So far, so good. I imported 800 borrowers straight into MySql this way
without a hitch, using LOAD DATA INFILE. All information shows up nicely in
Now I tried the same thing with the only 3 fields I have for books,
(biblionumber, author and title) but absolutely nothing shows up in Koha. It
is present in MySql, I entered it into the biblio table.
Did I miss something?
I appreciate any help, I do not want to enter 6200 records by hand...

Marty Jongepier

Blue Jay Design and Drafting


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