[Koha] Koha Internationalisation

Andrés Tarallo tarallo at ort.edu.uy
Thu May 19 05:06:33 NZST 2005

Garikoitz Araolaza wrote:

> Being a newcomer to Koha, I'm seeing many translation/localization 
> requests in this list (specially spanish, in which I'm interested 
> too). So, among all the spanish Koha users we could maybe have enough 
> taskforce to maintain an spanish version updated.

That's will be great. There is a translation, that I've found credited 
to me. I haven't done anything, I Think that it was something done here 
(ORT Uruguay) by Ernesto Silva, or by someone in Argentina.

If someone can work in the .po files we could have a nice translation. 
It would be intersting to enhace the templates.

> As far as I've read in the code, Koha's localisation is based on 
> copy-paste of HTML templates and translation of strings contained in 
> them. What to do with Koha updates is not clear, but it seems that the 
> solution would be performing some diffs between files and editing the 
> old localized code so that it looks like the new english one.

You're right, there's also some messages in the database.

> When trying to run Koha in a bilingual environment, I understand that 
> two instances of Koha should be run, and give access from different 
> URLs to the different versions.

Never tried this. Solving this will require some changes.

> So, is there any roadmap for a new I18N/L10N schema that would 
> simplify the Localisation system, so that english becomes Just Another 
> Language?  gettext/po files-like systems is the most used solution, 
> but I don't know what's the idea of the benevolent dictators of this 
> great software.  ;-)  BTW, I could help in the I18N process.

As far as I know there no such process, some is needed to take care of 
it. Some latin americans have done some work, but not in an organized 
maner. Maybe you can organize this.


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