[Koha] Does Koha interface with TLC's LC MARC CD-ROMs

Yohannes Mulugeta yohannes at lib.aau.edu.et
Wed Dec 8 06:23:21 NZDT 2004


Recentlly, we have bought LC MARC 21 records (back issue) from the The
Library  Corporation in CD-ROMs database (These CD-ROMs DB has its own
cataloging software called ITS for Win). We want to use the CD-ROMs with
Koha (ver 2.0.1) or import MARC 21 records into the koha's breeding farm
DB. We have tried and did not succeed. Does any body knows how Koha
interface with this type of Cd-ROMs database?


Yohannes Mulugeta
AAU Libraries

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