[Koha] fines2.pl

Library lib at gndec.ac.in
Thu Nov 18 19:08:42 NZDT 2004

Hi all,
We installthe Koha 2.0.1 sucessfuly & most of its feature are working 
properly,but still i am unable to implement it because the fine script is 
not working.
When i run the command,it runs without showing any error but it doesn't 
count the fine after running the command also.
Please help me,what is wrong with it...
this was also the problem with 2.0.0 ,so till now i am not able to 
implement the KOha...
although i am connecting with koha atleast before 6 months...
I really need for ur help?

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
Ludhiana (Punjab) India

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