[Koha] no item count 2.0.1

mike re-v mrmrmr50 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 01:04:02 NZDT 2004

I do not get an item count using bulkmarcimport. The
marc records are marc21 852 compliant.

I'v used macr3xml<->xml2marc nad sed /search/replace/
to change 852 tag markers to 952s.  All bibliographic
and local datas in the 952 tags show up in the koha
biblio when doing a search. 

However, no item count... Despite marc-check good.

Intestingly, item count does show correctly on a
manual imput of a biblio.

Export of the manual biblio shows the 090 c,d tags
populated with the correct biblio number.

Import of the exported manually produced record has
datas. Similiar to bulkmarcimport, including the zero
item count



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