[Koha] Breeding farm => Repository

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Tue Sep 28 12:19:37 NZST 2004


>BWS Johnson said:
>> How about raw records then? I think the simpler the language, the
>> the translation and use.
>I kinda like that -- it conveys the idea that the MARC records in the
>repository are "uncooked," that you take them and "cook" them (by
>your holdings information) and then they are ready to serve up in the

That's what I was going for. Or unrefined or unpolished.

>But I think the problem is that "raw records" describes the records,
>not the entity that holds them.

So raw records resevoir. :)

>Paul is correct, I had originally thought that "reservoir" -- which is
>term used in the French templates -- was best, since it conveys the
>of a place to hold records for later use. But the cataloger doesn't


My issue with breeding farm was that it made it sound like there were
already records there when I downloaded koha. That, and it seemed like
things that breed make more things that breed. The MARC birds and bees.
Alas, if only my records created themselves. I suppose I'll have to
import them myself. *sigh*

Brooke @ Hinsdale
All tongue in cheek, of course. 
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