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Thanks for the prompt response! That is what I had assumed and so I am puzzled as to why I am getting errors in rebuildnonmarc.pl. We used the 952 "user" tag because that was already defined in our db.

Here is a sample of the error:

DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'tagorder' cannot be null at c:\usr\koha200\intranet\modules/C4/Biblio.pm line 385.
ERROR ==> insert into marc_subfield_table (bibid,tag,tagorder,tag_indicator,subfieldcode,subfieldorder,subfieldvalue) values (387,952,,  ,b,1,SEF)
DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'tagorder' cannot be null at c:\usr\koha200\intranet\modules/C4/Biblio.pm line 932.
ERROR ==> insert into marc_word (bibid, tag, tagorder, subfieldid, subfieldorder, word, sndx_word) values (387,952,,b,1,SEF,soundex(SEF))
Also, every "952" linked field, ie. every 'items' table field shows up twice but only on "intranet" pages. When we look at biblios from OPAC pages, they appear correctly. When we try to edit the 'items' data, things really get messed up. The changes appear to 'take'  but then aren't there when you do a search, for example, on bar code.

I'm scratching my head for ideas here. We are running Koha 2.0.0. Win32.  We loaded everything into a clean db, a copy of blank200 with the marc_subfield_structure and marc_tag_structure tables built from the sql script provided with the installation. I can't see anything amiss in the table structure.

Again, thanks in advance for any help.
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  Dana Huff a écrit :

  > Paul and Andres (I think) wrote:
  > >> The other idea is Build a full record with as many 035 tags as copies
  > >> of that  book we have. Again bulkmarcimport should take into account
  > >> this and build the biblio and biblioitems needed.
  > >>
  > >> We want to know what is the proper way to build our records in order
  > >> to get this reality fully represented in the koha database.
  > >
  > >
  > > Yes, that's the proper way if you speak of biblio & items.
  > > in this case, the 035 subfields MUST be mapped to item tab (10) and
  > > don't map a 035 subfield in another tab (except for ignore).
  > I am confused. In other threads it has been recommended to put copies 
  > and other holdings information in 852 tags or to create 952 user tags. 
  > The 035 tag is for SYSTEM CONTROL NUMBER. Is this a better 
  > alternative? Do you then create your own (non-MARC) subfields?
  >  I am especially interested because I am trying to load our Koha DB 
  > and have used 952 tags for holding information. Now I show duplicate 
  > entries for all item information in the intranet pages but the items 
  > show up correctly in the opac screens. Looking at the db, the correct 
  > items entries are present for each biblio. The problem seems to be in 
  > the marc_subfield_table table when there are multiple tag entries for 
  > the 952 tags where there should be only one. Also, I get errors when I 
  > run "rebuildnommarc.pl" complaining of null data in the tagorder field.
  > Your comments would be appreciated.
  > Dana

  If I understand correctly your question, then I've a nice answer for you 
  : you can put your items information WHERE YOU WANT : 035, 952, 852.  
  For french UNIMARC it's 995.
  That's the beauty of Koha ;-)
  The only rules are :
  * put all your items fields to the same TAG
  * in this TAG put only items informations
  * use the koha <-> MARC relation to "map" MARC to the item table.

  All the rest is done magically ;-)

  Consultant indépendant en logiciels libres
  responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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