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Thu Sep 16 05:47:56 NZST 2004

Wednesday, September 15, 2004   12:43 CDT

Hi, Stephen, et al.,

Admittedly, I don't understand scripting, but doesn't the schema you gave miss definition of the Leader and the fixed fields (especially 008) which are critical to the record being valid MARC?

Or is that already in MARC::Record? 

Just confused,

Steven F. Baljkas
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada
> From: "Stephen Hedges" <shedges at skemotah.com>
> Date: 2004/09/15 Wed AM 04:38:41 CDT
> To: "Andres Tarallo" <tarallo at ort.edu.uy>
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> Subject: Re: [Koha] More questions for migrating to koha
> Hi, Andres -
> Andres Tarallo said:
> > ...we are trying to understand the way
> > bulkmarcimport.pl handles  MARC records, in order to feed it with
> > properly loaded records. It's not clear for me the way i have to build
> > my MARC records
> You're writing a script using MARC::Record if I recall.  So what you
> should do is open a file early in the script to save your records,
> something like:
> open OUTFILE, "+>bibs" or die "Cannot open output file (bibs)";
> Then go through the process of putting each record together tag by tag. 
> Something like:
> $tag100 = MARC::Field->new(100,'','','a'=>$author);
> $record->append_fields($tag100);
> Then when you have all the tags built add the record to your output file:
> print OUTFILE $record->as_usmarc();
> [The perl lines above assume you are using MARC21, change accordingly for
> Now you have an iso2709 file ("bibs") that you can load using
> bulkmarcimport.pl.
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