[Koha] losing data during import

Scott Scriven koha-main at toykeeper.net
Fri Aug 6 11:19:00 NZST 2004

* Baljkas Family <baljkas at mts.net> wrote:
> I took a look at the records in detail.

Thank you.  I've been making very slow progress getting data

> I think you must be right in that the non-ASCII characters
> definitely need to be replaced. Is there any other way you can
> replace the non-ASCII characters first?

I think I'll try modifying Koha's import script to accept MARC
XML files.  This way, I might simply sidestep the issue by
removing two conversion steps.

> If you could send a sample of the same (or other) records in
> their original format off listserv, I can see if another method
> might work.

The majority of the data I've converted seems to import
correctly.  I don't know if it was valid MARC, but that has not
prevented the rest from importing, which is what I'm concerned

> P.S. You really shouldn't use the $g in 100 in the way that you
> did. That's not what it was intended for.

I'm a bit new to this; is there a better place to put it?
Ideally, I'd like to include as much information as possible, and
keep the data normalized, but I get the impression that MARC and
Koha weren't designed for that.

-- Scott

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