[Koha] cant add items, resolved!, how can i modify koha's computation of fines.

Eric G. Salayon esalayon at tip.edu.ph
Mon Aug 2 13:52:57 NZST 2004

here's our policy:

1. all items borrowed should be returned on 9 am the following day.
2. borrowed items on friday and saturday should be returned on Monday @ 9 am.

3. all books returned after the deadline will be fined at 1 peso per hr delay
4. Working students have special consideration of returning the item, if
returned the same day of the due date, it is considered returned on time.
5. Staff, employees and teaching personnel incurs no fine.
6. Maximum fine for a day is 10 pesos.

chris, thanks in advance. im so greatful that you'll help me.

> On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 09:07:45AM +0800, Eric G. Salayon said:
>> zero! is it the fine2.pl that should be modify?
> Ahh it will be a reasonable chunk of work.
> You could use fine2.pl as a base, but it will need to be a significantly
> different script to achieve what you are seeking.
> Do you have anyone with any perl experience that you know? If not, if you
> can describe the rules to me (are there any exceptions, ie staff dont get
> fines etc)
> I could have a crack at writing a script which should do what you want
> Chris
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