[Koha] koha setup: problems, information request for barcode

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Tue May 11 09:11:58 NZST 2004

Dear Vijay

> 1. Is there a screen through which, we can 'Issue a book?'.  We tried and 
> found a screen like that.  But, has not been able to figure out, how 
> exactly, we say 'issue a book'

Yes - the word you are looking for is "Circulations" and is where you both 
issue and return books.

> 2. Is it mandatory to use 'barcode system' to issue books?.  If yes, could you
> please provide any links/resources from which we can have technical
> specifications of the barcode to be acquired for the s/w setup.

You must have some way to identify each individual book if you want to issue 
them - it does not need to be a printed barcode, you can just put in your own 
numbers as long as each one is unique.  If you have many books that you're 
needing to issue (like a public library), then printed barcodes are good 
because you can get barcode readers which is a lot quicker than typing in the 

Hope it helps



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