[Koha] Barcode with Koha

Stephen Hedges shedges at athenscounty.lib.oh.us
Thu Apr 22 01:17:59 NZST 2004

> Dear Koha member list,
>         I need to implement barcode system 
> together with Koha. Anyone could recommend how do 
> I do that?
> Thank you,
> Greg
Greg, I'd recommend you keep it simple.  Just get a barcode reader that acts as 
a keyboard wedge and passes the barcode number as plain text to the computer.  
The computer can't tell the difference between numbers typed in and numbers 
scanned in, so there's no special Koha setup needed.

I think most barcode readers available (in the U.S. anyway) act as keyboard 
wedges, even if they don't have a physical 'wedge.'  (We use quite a few 
readers that connect to the usb port, for instance, but still act like a 
keyboard wedge.)

Stephen Hedges
Nelsonville Public Library

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