[Koha] Koha translation to German

Christian Hennecke christian.hennecke at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Tue Apr 20 01:44:30 NZST 2004

paul POULAIN schrieb:

> Christian Hennecke a écrit :
>> I've finished translating the default theme's HTML templates to 
>> German. Could somebody please test and proof-read the stuff? The files 
>> are available at:
>> Is there anything else that has to be translated?
> Hi Christian,
> your 1st (& last) question on this mailing list has been asked in 2003, 
> July.
> Since then, we have developped a translation tool that helps a LOT 
> translator to sync template with new releases. Did you use it ?

No. I tried, but it was not really helpful, actually.

By sorting text pieces alphabetically in the output, they all are 
completely out of context. That makes translating them very hard, as 
many English words can have different equivalents in German. Take e.g. 
"amount". Depending on the context, it  means "Stückzahl" (quantity) or 
"Betrag" (amount of money) or the like. And all that can already happen 
in one file! When there are double entries, I never know where they 
belong, and which one has to be translated how. And finally, there are 
the differencies in grammar. As a result, using the translator tool 
makes updating the German translation harder than doing it by using e.g. 
JEdit's JDiff plug-in to find out what has changed in the English version.

To make the tool useful, the output file format would have to be 
changed. Each template file should have kind of a section that lists the 
pieces of text as they are found in the file.

Christian Hennecke

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