[Koha] Data being stored in incorrect fields

T & J Kotula tjkotula at paradise.net.nz
Fri Mar 12 21:24:05 NZDT 2004

Michael and Stephen

I'm glad you found it too. I just discovered it too a couple of days ago,
but haven't had a chance to finish my email.

When I use z3950search and then hit the link to import that info, everything
looks fine. I can go and click on each numeric link, hit reload - no
problems. However when I search for this newly added book most of the fields
are out of sync, as follows:

010|a LC --- OK
020|a ISBN  --- OK
100|a Name  --> 852|k Call Number
245|a Title  --> 100|g Miscellaneous information
260|c Date of publication  -->245|a Title
300|a Extent  --> 260|c Date of publication
300|c Dimension  --> 300|a Extent

In my case I haven't fiddled with any MARC stuff and my MARC flavor is
MARC21 (as well as for each z3950.server).

Looking forward to your replies.

PS. In my desperation I was just about to reinstall koha, but finding out
that it's not just me, I'll wait for the next release :-)

tomasz kotula.

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