[Koha] Migrating to Koha document

Stephen Hedges shedges at skemotah.com
Thu Feb 19 07:50:50 NZDT 2004

I've just finished the first draft of some documentation on migrating data
from an existing ILS to Koha.  You can see it at

If folks could take some time to look at this, I'd like to know if I've
made any errors or omissions.  I'm going to be using this document as a
guide for a workshop on Koha I'll be doing later this month, which should
also give me a chance to collect "user" feedback.  The goal is to get the
document whipped into shape, then submit it for inclusion in the overall
Koha documentation.


Stephen Hedges
Skemotah Solutions, USA
www.skemotah.com  --  shedges at skemotah.com

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