[Koha] MARC info

Stephen Hedges shedges at athenscounty.lib.oh.us
Fri Jan 23 03:30:22 NZDT 2004

> Welcome onboard!
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 10:13:10AM -0300, Cecilia 
> Chataignier wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am very interested in testing Koha in our 
> library.
> > I read in the FAQ list that it's not possible 
> to import MARC records in 
> > batch yet. Is it still true for the version 
> 2.0.0?
> You can import MARC records in bulk in version 
> 2.0.0.  There is a script
> called bulkmarcimport.pl.
> Joshua Ferraro

Joshua is correct, we use (a slightly modified version of) bulkmarcimport.pl to 
load batches of MARC records every day.  This script has to be run from a 
command line, unless there's been a recent change I'm not aware of, and I think 
that may be the source of confusion from the FAQ  -- the capability's there, 
but not in the web interface.

Stephen Hedges
Nelsonville Public Library

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