[Koha] Koha development work

Davoodifar, H. Sam (EDU-E&Y) SDavoodifa at gov.mb.ca
Wed Dec 24 08:03:24 NZDT 2003


We have just installed Koha on our server and trying to get it running. As a
new user, I'm looking for its manual. I know that there's one on the Koha's
site but not very useful...;

Thanks,   __Sam

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> Since we're bandying about our desires for new Koha features, this seems
> like a good time and place to ask for ideas of what you would like to see
> added to (or changed in) Koha in the future.  Ideally, I'd like to see
> ideas submitted one per email, with a brief explanation.  Replies to that
> email to clarify, amend, support, or criticise (politely please) feature
> requests are also welcome.
> thanks,
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