[Koha] Going completely on-line with Koha

dragon28 at ihug.co.nz dragon28 at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 1 14:43:56 NZDT 2003

Hi David,

> Oh, and is there a way to add jacket cover photos 
relevant to a book or its author?

While to be honest, I have been busy with other projects and
work, and I haven't had a chance to seriously look at this
feature option, I do know that one particular German library
that is using Koha is using images of jacket covers etc, so
it is definately do able, it is just that at the moment Koha
doesn't have this feature.

For an example here are a couple of links to their OPAC
which may give you some ideas (or even a light at the end of
the tunnel).




I hope that helps a little.


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