[Koha] problems upgrading to pre5 / z3950

MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Nov 18 14:45:47 NZDT 2003

On 2003-11-17 19:33:12 +0000 "Dwiggins, David" 
<DDWIGGIN at nashvill.gannett.com> wrote:

> I tried running the upgrade script. It seemed to work, and the data 
> appears 
> to be in the database. But after the upgrade, most of the scripts 
> refused to 
> run, complaining about not being able to locate modules.

Yes, I think the upgrade script in pre5 might write some wrong paths 
to the config file. The next release will use the installer routines 
instead. As you noticed, they work more often.

> (Although I just noticed that MARCdetail.pl seems to still 
> doing this, and catmaintain.pl simply returns <html> and nothing 
> else.)

MARCdetail still doing what? Can you give us some lines from 
koha-error.log around the time of the error, please?

catmaintain I know about. There's bug 600 open on bugs.koha.org that 
is the cause of this. You can try the fix there (putting the path to 
includes in intranet-tmpl) as a short-cut, but a real fix should be 
along shortly.

> But now I have another problem. Since the upgrade, there doesn't 
> appear to be 
> a way to use the z3950 search to pull in bibliographic records on new 
> materials.  I am pretty sure that I have the z3950 daemon running 
> correctly, 
> but there is simply no option on the acquisition screen for doing a 
> z3950 
> search.

Are you using simple acqui, or normal?

> Obviously something is fishy about my installation.  Can any offer 
> guidance 
> on what might have gone wrong/how to fix it?

Maybe, maybe not. You backed up just in case we can't help enough, 

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