[Koha] Is koha suitable for us?

MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Oct 21 09:32:24 NZDT 2003

On 2003-10-03 11:54:05 +0100 Viktor <viktor at valamo.fi> wrote:
> The new collection contains about 30000 volumes of  books, 
> periodicals and 
> magazines.

I think this may be the only immediate insoluble problem, as koha 2.0 
will not have special serials (periodicals, magazines) feaures.  It is 
intended for later.

> Is there something else, what I should to known, when using koha with 
> UTF-8?

I suspect MARC import/exporting will not work properly if you select 
MARC21.  I do not know UNIMARC well enough to say.  Maybe Paul can 
give information on that?

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