[Koha] Bulk loads of MARC records

Joshua Ferraro jferraro at alma.athenscounty.lib.oh.us
Sun Oct 5 09:17:21 NZDT 2003

> Is there a best way to add books w/o having to type in all the data?
> I thinking getting creating a list of ISBNs, turning this into MARC records, 
> and then uploading.
sounds sensible
> Is the a best way to generate MARC records from a list of ISBNs?
I don't know about "best", but I've been working on a Perl script that reads
a list of isbns from a file, fetches the MARC records from LOC and combines
them into one large MARC file...eventually I would like to be able to add 
holdings info, etc., but for now that's all it does.  Note that I haven't
tested it with more than a few dozen isbns, but more should be ok.  If you're
interested let me know.


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